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We have many years of experience, working alongside a wide range of law panels. This enables us to expertly review a wide range of timeshare contracts and explore exit opportunities.

How Do You Know If You Need Timeshare Termination Services?

If you feel uncomfortable about a timeshare contract that you have entered into; or if the conditions of that contract have changed from what was originally agreed - we may be able to help you. Contact us now to find out if you are eligible.

Not happy about a timeshare contract?

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Sometimes your gut feeling is the best indicator that something is wrong. If you are unsure or worried about some of the wording in a timeshare contract, contact us ASAP.

Conditions changed without notice

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A contract is an agreement between you and another party. If conditions have changed within a contract without you agreeing to it, you may be able to terminate it.

Payments increased without notice

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Payment increases can happen as a result of normal annual inflation, but this should be written into a contract. If it's not, or if there has been an unfair price increase we may be able to assist you.

Available For Home Visits

With a large working representative base we can come to you to discuss your options.

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If we can’t help you you don’t pay a penny. This is how we can guarantee satisfaction for our clients.

Free Consultations

All consultations with us are cost and pressure free. You are under no obligation to employ our services if you feel it’s not for you.

“I was stuck in an unfair timeshare agreement and the landlord kept increasing prices and refusing to complete maintenance work on the house. Termination Services, helped me to get out of this agreement.”

Jenson Deo


“I would like to thank Termination Services or enabling me to end a very expensive timeshare maintenance contract. It saved me a considerable amount of money.”

Dan Wiley


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